Cashflow loans for FlexABL clients
from £25,000 to £250,000


Provided you have an invoice finance facility with us or wish to move your facility to us, we can advance additional funds to help with those moments when cash flow is tight and where you need to pay important bills on time.


bill becomes

Pay in full, using a bridging loan from FlexABL, avoid the fine and repay us over 3 months. Then borrow again if you want to, for the next quarter, as you need.

Inflexibility from your current lender?

If you need greater help to pay your bills on time, move your invoice finance facility to us and we can arrange a top-up BridgeABL loan to help.

Recently established Business or expansion planned?

We can provide additional cashflow support to assist with both these scenarios, along with an invoice finance facility from FlexABL.

Speak to us
today to find
out how a
BridgABL loan
could assist
your business


BridgeABL loans are available to existing FlexABL invoice finance clients,or businesses that are looking to also fund their receivables with us.


Email your client manager to discuss or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.


Complete a proposal form, confirming your property ownership, along with estimated values and details of any outstanding mortgages or loans.


We confirm what we can advance and over what term, including all the repayment options


If you wish to proceed, we issue full terms, to you, within 24 hours of credit approval.


Funds can be released to you, same day, following completion of all legal documentation.

Please note; BridgeABL business loans are unregulated and will require personal security from the Directors. Property security will generally be required for any advance, as approved and this will be detailed in any terms we may issue. Independent legal advice may be required.


We arranged a £100k bridging loan for a southern based property maintenance company, within a week. This allowed them to clear up some pressing payments and gave them a revolving 12 month facility, they could use, as and when required, to support their cashflow. The Director said “The way flexabl responded to my request both quickly and positively was fantastic. It allowed us to then focus on the business, in the knowledge that we could spread the cost over 12 months, whilst keeping our creditors happy. This was following a difficult period, during Covid, where we had to shut the doors for 3 months and without their support we probably wouldn’t have survived”.